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Welcome to Vedya Yoga! My name is Chiara and I am a RYT 500 Vinyasa Yoga Teacher based in Berlin.

My love for yoga started almost 14 years ago in a beautiful place surrounded by the sea I used to call home. Since then, many things have changed but, no matter the circumstances, there are still two places I always find myself coming back to: my old yoga mat and my dear hometown, Palermo.

Coming from the Sanskrit root विद् [vid] the word vedya refers to the object of knowledge, to what is to be known, learnt or acquired. 

Yoga for me has always been an ongoing journey of self discovery and self-improvement as well as an opportunity to come back to myself, enjoy the beauty of the present moment and reconnect with my true and deeper self.

My teaching follows the principles of Vinyasa yoga (breath synchronized with movement) and is rooted in Zen Buddhist philosophy in order to express mindfulness both in movement as well as in stillness. 

In my classes I encourage students to move in a more mindful way in order to provide them with a fullest experience of what the yoga practice is.

 When not on the mat, you can find me biking through the streets of Berlin or surrounded by art on a winterish rainy day.

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